Ghost Writing


Ghost writers are writers for hire who take no credit for the work produced. Individuals and companies may choose to hire a ghost writer for freelance work to produce copy for various projects. These include product copy, office proposals, blog posts, comment pieces, website articles, novels, advertisements, and more.

Done The Write Way charges $40.00 an hour for ghost writing. You may ask me to rewrite documents to achieve a specific tone, or create something from scratch with guidelines. Depending on how much information is given, the timeframe of the finished product will vary.

Ghost writers are often hired to write books for clients. In these cases, the author of the book is credited for the work while the ghost writer remains anonymous. Sometimes the author may want to share some of the credit with the ghost writer, in which case a non-disclosure agreement will be signed.

Please email me at for more information.

Critique Partnership


Many authors seek out beta readers to give them insight into their work from an average reader’s perspective. While helpful to the editing process, many authors may find that their work could use more attention.

Unlike beta readers, critique partners are fellow writers. Critique partners find weaknesses in the overall content such as plot holes, poor character development, repetition, slow story progression, and more.

This service does NOT include proofreading or copy editing. When you have a critique partnership with Done The Write Way, I read your work thoroughly and add comments throughout the document. You will also receive a comprehensive page about my overall thoughts on your finished work.

The pricing for this service varies on word count, quality of the document presented (if it’s been edited yet), genre, and more. Please email me at for more information.